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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Me, Screaming into the Void

So. Here we are. Or maybe here I am, screaming into the void, hoping somebody hears me and maybe benefits a fraction of the amount I hope to. And while I may not know what I'm doing with this whole blog thing, I know why I'm doing it. Behold, my blunt and gif-accompanied reasons below:

1. Twelve times a day Sometimes, I have writing Thoughts. I've annoyed friends and family for years now with my random rambles and rants, and while they've been incredibly supportive in the ways they can, I figured I'd take some of the load off of them. My closest confidants don't write (seriously, at least), and many don't even read very often. It's okay, even though these facts make my mind boggle, I love them anyways, and no matter what comes of this blogging thing, I'll always love and value their support of my insanity. 

And by "afraid," I mean legitimately afraid for my character obsessions and killings.

2. I want that connection with other writers. I follow people on Twitter, read their fun blog posts, watch their interactions with one another, but all the while, I've sat quietly by. Part of that is because I'm followed on any and all social media by those who attend my public school, leaving me somewhat hesitant to let kids I sit through choir and AP European history with sneak a peak into my special, secret world. But I'm getting over it; my school friends are in no way out to get me. Even if someone was, my high school, while enormous, is in no way the Real World. And in just about eight months (*insert panicked screaming*), the Real World will be all I'll have. When it comes down to it, I'm sick of being on the outside looking in. 

3. When I was fourteen years old, I told myself I could "totally get published by the end of high school!" That was before I finished, revised, rewrote, revised some more, and finally edited my first born child novel, Renegade, which I'll get an obsessive post out for eventually. While I have the novel, while I can write a summary, every time it comes down to querying a literary agent, I'm overwhelmed with the tremendous sense of insignificance. No degree. No (writing related) job. No publications, unless you count my high school newspaper and literary magazines, which are (in my opinion) pretty freakin' awesome -- although I'm probably pretty biased, since I'm the editor of the second edition. Ultimately, I'm hoping to have something to show for myself and maybe a big 'ol internet support net like the ones I see all the time. I know you're out there. 

I refuse to allow the world to say those things about me.

4. I love talking about myself and my writing. Therefore, I see no flaws with this blogging plan. For an introvert, I kind of love being heard. 

I strongly identify with Rachel Berry.

5. I'm trying to edit one novel (ARBITER), finish the rough draft of another (HOST), and plan for Camp NaNo in April with -- you guessed it -- ANOTHER novel (CRUSADER)! Oh yeah, and I'm aggressively firing out query letters as QueryTracker consumes my life. So WHY NOT start another writing project? Because I'm trying to graduate I've wanted to for a while now, and I figure things will only ever get busier. No better time like the present, am I right?


Leslie's attitude is my writing attitude.

6. I want the motivation. Last year, I went shamefully slack in the writing department of my life, and I kind of hated myself for it. Since the beginning of this school year, I've gotten back on track, and at the moment, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm confident that I've got some good things rolling. But I live in this constant fear of losing that niche because I know that when I have nothing else, I still have writing; I can't and I won't lose that. 

Writing is my lobster.


I think I'm supposed to talk about myself a bit more? Pfff, who am I kidding, that's easy. TIME TO OVERWHELM PEOPLE WITH ALL THE ME.

I'm Sarah. Sarah Ulery. I'm seventeen, and I go to THE Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth, Texas, where I'm in choir and write for the Talon, our school's newspaper. A friend and I are co-founders and co-presidents of the TCHS Creative Writing Club. As mentioned earlier, I'm the current editor for our Art and Literature Magazine, which is linked above. The spring edition should come out in April. I graduate in May, and while I used to be terrified, I'm sort of getting pumped up, now that I know I want to attend Texas Christian University in the fall. Until then, I write a bunch of stuff that tricks people into thinking I know what I'm doing, especially my friends, family, and teachers. 

I harness my inner Michael Scott when I do writing things.

I've got a younger sister, as well as many step siblings, and while my immediate family lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, my roots are in THE Springfield, Ohio, where I was born. As for where I'll head later... Well, that's later.

That little town will be famous one day. 
I watch too much Netflix, eat too much Chick-Fil-A, and can never, ever read enough books. I'm such a history nerd that I'm taking AP European history as an elective in my senior year, AND I'm in History Club. I mean, c'mon, guys. It's a club where you discuss people MURDERING each other like in my books. I'd probably have more friends if I took my earbuds out every once in a while, but I love Imagine Dragons, Bastille (SEEING THEM IN APRIL), Thirty Seconds to Mars, X Ambassadors, Lorde, and Brendon Urie whether or not he is the sole remaining member of Panic! At the Disco (I'M SEEING HIM, TOO, IN MARCH)!

No, Brendon, you blow my mind.

I love my Renegade novel series more than anything; that's how this here blog got its name. Book one, Renegade, as stated above, is absolutely complete, and book two, Arbiter, is in draft three. Book three, Host, is about 125k in, and hopefully somebody will take to it like a lawn mower when it's time to edit. In addition, I've planned for a forth and final book in the series, as well as one, maybe two, prequels. Yes, I know, I'm obsessed. I've embraced it. I'm realistic now, you guys. BUT if you're here, you've already signed up for this, and you can't get out.

So. Here we go.


  1. Wow nice to meet you. My name is Ned. I drive a tractor but this blog will be my only spot of sunshine in my boring tractor life. My wife Ella Mae is going to kick me out of the house because my head is in the clouds but my feet are in my tractor. Have a good day

  2. Hey this is super cool. You stated into the void and it has blinked first.

    1. Does the void also accept it if I wink back?

    2. the void is flattered and isn't sure what to say lolol